Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paint and Pixels Exhibition

My identical twin brother Don and I just opened an exhibition at The University Museum at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. We are both alumni of the IUP art department. The show features his graphic design and my paintings. Above is shown my wall mural of 80 panel paintings titled, Homage to Indiana County, Pennsylvania. I spent the last 11 months working on this project. The IUP museum is in the process of acquiring it for their permanent collection which will be displayed in the Preforming Arts Center. An 80-page book of the paintings is available at The exhibition will be on display until May 1st.


  1. Hi Ron. I just visited your website and really enjoyed looking at the collection of your work! Seth let me take a look, because he mentioned going to an exhibit of yours and I asked about your work. (I'm in Seth's kinship group). Best of luck on the new exhibition!

  2. I wish I could get to Pittsburgh to see this!

  3. Congratulations to Ron and Don! The exhibit is really great, and the catalog is very nice. --Catherine