Sunday, February 27, 2011

Twin Peaks, oil on linen, 16 x 20

Because I'm an identical twin, I look for subject matter that reflect double images. Here is a painting I did late last summer. The houses here were similar but different once you really got to know them.  In a sense this painting is about how twins can be perceived as a unit. Our other six siblings stood apart from our close bond. In later years we tried to distinguish ourselves as unique individuals, but it wasn't easy because we always had a lot of the same interests. Painting for me can use this personal history as a source of inspiration. Here for example, I'm using the shadows and wires as a metaphor to connect the elements and unify the "family". I know it sounds like a bit much, and honestly I wonder if anyone needs to know the back story to enjoy the finished painting.


  1. I think it's interesting to know about what the artist had in mind, even though everyone ends up with his/her own interpretation of a work art.

  2. It's an interesting backstory, but the painting stands very strongly on it's own- great and surprising composition and colors.

  3. Outstanding! I have always been fascinated by houses, those islands of heat and light, and what they say about the people inhabiting them. Interesting to hear your take on houses and how they represents you, your twin, and the family you were born into. Thanks for the insight. Love the bold color too.