Friday, July 8, 2011

Governor's Residence Exhibition

This exhibition, Across the Alleghenies, was just installed at the Pennsylvania Governor's Residence in Harrisburg. Patrick Ruane and I are the featured painters until December. We are both showing work of our region, Western PA. This is because the newly elected governor is a native of Pittsburgh. The curator thought it would be fitting to pair us for this show. All of my 11 paintings depict the city and Pat has 10 rural landscapes. It is an honor for us to exhibit together, especially since we have been friends and colleagues for 25 years. To see an image of the PA Governor's residence click on their website.

This announcement above is worth clicking on to see the larger version of Pat's painting, Silver Morning. It is both subtle and poetic.


  1. congratulations Ron; you've earned the honor.

  2. congrats! I wish I could get down there to see it!