Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Twin Chairs, 9 x 12, oil on panel

I'm an identical twin. Sometimes I forget how lucky I was to be born along with another human who would be there as my best friend, for life. It's not quite like having a regular sibling. The bond goes deeper, like similar DNA. As a result, I see pairs of things that appear to be the same, but upon closer examination are different. These chairs caught my eye last week while I did an artist-in-residence program. Sometimes you need to get to know twins before the differences are apparent. These chairs were like that. What fun it was to get to know them over two hours as they were bathed in a sweet evening light.


  1. Love the colors and shadow contrasts.Your work is really good!

  2. love the story and the chairs...........hope all is well!

  3. i just saw your work in the
    most recent issue of Carnegie magazine
    and came over to take a peek

    i love the way you capture the essence
    of Pittsburgh
    and the way light and shadow play across the city streets

    and this painting of a pair of red chairs
    like so many you see around town in the summer
    caught my eye with its loveliness too.