Saturday, August 27, 2011

Industrial Orange, Johnstown, 9 x 12, oil on panel

Next April I'm having an exhibition in Johnstown, PA. I'm going to call it Portrait of Johnstown because of the 12 months I'll have spent looking at the flood-famous town. The 60 paintings will NOT be postcard images. Johnstown isn't pretty, but it is interesting with one helluva lot of character. I get to know a place by walking the streets, eating at a local diner, listening to the people and then setting up my easel.

Also, a friend/collector just posted a Wikipedia entry for me. This was such a nice thing for her to do. Thank you Catherine!


  1. It was my pleasure! And, I'm looking forward to the Johnstown exhibit.

  2. Ron, boy are you correct: Johnstown is not pretty, but this is a beautiful painting! I went to UPJ in the late 70's and one of our musician friends wrote a song with the line..."and the skies were Johnstown gray". That lad transferred to a school in Colorado the following year.